When deciding whether to wear flannel fleece or fleece while hiking, the answer is fleece almost every time. Flannel is a type of cotton, and cotton absorbs sweat, which means your favorite flannel can actually hold water and sweat and get wet. This keeps you cool -- which can expose you to the possibility of hypothermia. So unless you're going for a leisurely walk, a mile along a flat trail, you'll want to leave the flannel at home.

However, fleece is a great jacket to keep with you on your hikes. Fleece vests and jackets are great mid-layers to keep you warm without getting wet. Because wool has some loft, it allows air to pass between your sweaty body and the fabric, thereby wicking sweat away rather than adding to it. You will most likely carry a fleece layer and only use it when it is cold. Once you start sweating, tuck the fleece layer in your pack until you stop, then pop it back in to keep you warm on fall hiking breaks.

Flannel brings fall vibes to your wardrobe. Not to mention it's a cozy pumpkin spice look. However, it's not that great at regulating your body temperature during workouts like hiking. If you want to sport your flannel, bring it with you in your post-hike gathering so you can transition from trail to town with ease. Or you could take your favorite flannel on a fall camping trip. If you're just going for a leisurely hike that won't get your heart racing too much, you can certainly pack a flannel shirt. However, if it gets too hot, be sure to wear a base layer underneath -- like a t-shirt.

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