Today we will talk about the characteristics of latex pillows:

1. Natural latex

Nile latex pillow not only uses high-quality fabrics, but also the pillow core is made of pure natural latex, 100% Malaysian natural latex collagen, natural environmental protection, high elasticity, and with natural frankincense.

2. Honeycomb ventilation holes

Natural latex has countless tiny holes that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. It also retains multi-dimensional small holes for ventilation during production, which improves the effect of heat dissipation and perspiration, and can prevent the quality of sleep due to stuffiness.

3. Independent pillow design

Nile latex pillows create an exclusive sleep mode. According to the characteristics of different people, there are three different pillow types for men, women and adolescents. The dynamic fit curve enhances the comfort of sleep.

4. Scientific curvature design

The Nile latex pillow has a curvature designed according to ergonomics. It seamlessly fits the shoulder and neck when lying on the back, and naturally supports the head and neck when lying on the side. It protects the cervical spine in all directions, releases pressure, extends the time of deep sleep, and brings a more comfortable 8 hours of sleep.

5. Golden ratio of softness and hardness

The pillow is too soft to support the cervical spine, and too hard will compress the blood vessels and nerves. The Nile latex pillow has undergone countless tests and experiments to create a latex pillow with the golden ratio of softness and hardness, which can better support and support the cervical spine.

The Nile latex pillows are moderately high, transparent, safe, green and environmentally friendly. The innovative design allows the air to flow fully, providing a refreshing and comfortable deep sleep, so that the head can be cared for in all directions, escorting the cervical spine of consumers, and bringing health Sleep healthy late.

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