Floodlights from Floodlight Manufacturer are usually used for outdoor lighting. Floodlights have huge and strong light.

Floodlights can be used for area lighting as general lighting purpose at outdoor. It can also be used for architectural lighting as accent lighting.

Around the buildings, parking lots, parks, gardens, worksites, sports arena, city squares, and airports can be illuminated strongly with the help of floodlights.

Floodlights can be symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution regarding its purpose and usage area. The light angle of a light fixture is determined according to the width of the area and the distance to the light source. Mounting height and pole height become important if it is mounted on a wall or on a pole.

Floodlights have very wide light angle. So, they can not illuminate distant areas. Floodlights with acute angle have focused the light at one point and it can not illuminate wide areas sufficiently in short distance. Therefore, it is important to choose proper light angle according to the needs.

White and yellow color floodlights are preferred for general lighting applications, multicolor floodlights are preferred for architectural applications.

Floodlights can be mounted on wall, ceiling, ground or pole. The necessary mounting apparatus are usually placed on floodlight for wall, ceiling and ground mounting. However, special apparatus can be needed for pole mounting.

It is possible to adjust angle with the help of the mounting apparatus placed on floodlight. In order to adjust the angle, the screws of mounting apparatus are loosened.

Floodlights are designed to operate at outdoor. So, they should have minimum IP65 protection class. Light fixture body will be resistant to water, dust, and moisture at high protection levels.

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