3. Pinyin from Yellow Crane Podium. Real marlboro letters bronze delightful, full, consistent strokes, strokes at the center convex brink concave, personally touch concave not to mention convex being obvious. Typically the counterfeit marlboro letter bronzing darker, leakage heated, smooth cerebrovascular events, no concave-convex being. (True the best, false concerning bottom)

Only two, cigarette packing and shipping machine system true not to mention false quotation

(1) cellophane ironing close up

Real smoking side see-through paper heated sealing, both ends have cigarette packing and shipping machine golf iron hot plugging left Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online contraction footprints, in the centre of the see-through paper heated sealing contraction genuine, compliant. Typically the counterfeit marlboro ends free of signs from contraction, the centre of the heated seal appears to be "fish scale" signs or symptoms. (True the best, false concerning bottom)

(2) elements of all steel metal seal

The actual of the $ 64000 cigarette carton is screen printed with 7 numbers Cigarettes Hot Sale and mail, and typically the strength from the font and then the font might be large not to mention small, the arrangement is absolutely not uniform, and the potency of the comparable font differs. Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online The phony cigarette might be printed with the help of 4-digit mail and results, which are actually arranged appropriately and printed aided by the same robustness. (True the best, false concerning bottom).