The pattern with the fake cigarette smoke laser anti-counterfeiting Cigarettes Wholesale symptom is fluffy and unfinished, the text "lotus" is without a doubt rough and even rigid, additionally, the miniaturized font in "Hehua" is without a doubt fuzzy once observed along with a magnifying tumbler.

Pull that lead vary:

The classic cigarette head is known as a regular semi-oval figure, the sides is soft and soft; False cigarette smoke pull top Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale of your head shape is without a doubt irregular, challenging edge, burr.

Consideration of underlying part steel seal of approval:

The iron stamp in real cigs is dynamically printed via the machine. That steel seal of approval has distinctive shades, different arrangement and various spacing, visible sense in strength and even clear go over. Fake cigarette smoke steel printing is frequently manual static generating, steel generating is short, poor potency.

Comparison in cigarette end and filling paper:

You can get 2 series of light beam holes in the real smoking loading pieces of paper, and that holes can be even and even neatly placed. Although you can get 2 series of holes with the false cigarette smoke connecting pieces of paper, the cracks are small without having it perforated, additionally, the holes can be arranged irregularly.

Slashed tobacco vary:

Real smoking tobacco is without a doubt Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online golden stained, silk piece, tobacco building for clean leaf man made fiber, mellow fragrance; False tobacco smoking was dark and black colored, with a number of end, alot more tobacco establish, strong tastes smell.