Since Blizzard launched World of Warcraft Nostalgia: Phase 2, many players want to  Buy TBC Classic Gold know whether World of Warcraft Classic will be launched together with The Burning Crusade expansion. Players are speculating about other areas of the classic experience.

Most WoW Classic realms have moved to the very popular The Burning Crusade in 2019. Because the second phase of the World of Warcraft classic TBC is expected to be released soon, it may be difficult to see players returning to the basic experience. Until Blizzard launched a new public testing area that included the first stage raid content of the World of Warcraft classic. But this does not mean that the World of Warcraft Classic team hopes to launch a new server, but in order to allow players to start again in Azeroth.

But such things seem to be welcomed by players. Several players shared their reactions: One player stated that he had played OG vanilla, vanilla private servers and classic. TBC is his favorite extension, but if it appears when logging in to TBC, it will definitely play fresh content. The second player said that he felt that vanilla WoW's things would never be out of date, and he felt that he could try new things every time. He plans to go to another camp to finish the part he hasn't played before. Another player said that if you enter the classic server now, it may become difficult for most people, because of the lack of teaming, the number of servers is not many, and he has lost the excitement of the game.

This news cannot be guaranteed to be a reality, but according to reports, it contains content about the new server. Some changes have been made to the latest PTR version, but WoW TBC Phase 2, which is getting closer and closer to the release date, has not changed much.

According to WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 patch notes, Blizzard will update the game's PVP content. The PVP equipment of the Outland faction will be unlocked in the second stage, and it needs Revered reputation to purchase. When the first season ends, the remaining unused arena points will be distributed to players ten times the amount.

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