Players who want to experience a new take on an alternate history MMO will appreciate New World and its core visuals. Unlike other fantasy MMO, the "historical" aspect of New World gives its Age of Exploration premise a unique flair unseen in other MMOs. Moreover, maxing out New World Coins graphics options will have New World show off the rather stunning aesthetic that meshes deep historical realism and high fantasy.

New World Coins

The major environments in New World are the following:
    Windsward: Arguably the "friendliest" of the game's areas, Windsward boasts a lush open environment for players to explore. Its bountiful forestry is juxtaposed with mysterious temples.
    Edengrove: One of the most vibrant environments in the game, Edengrove is home to a few outposts. Being in the middle of the wilderness, Edengrove has deadly creatures for adventurers brave enough to fight them.
    Reekwater: Serving as the game's water-themed area, Reekwater is a rundown fishing village near the ocean. The Siren Queen and her Flotilla now inhabit this area, having enslaved Reekwater's settlers.
    Mourningdale: One of the most mysterious areas in Aeternum, Mourningdale has an impressive set of stone structures for players to marvel. Its ancient locations provide hints to the mysterious lore that New World has yet to offer.
    Ebonscale Reach: Perhaps the most impressive area in New World for its visuals, Ebonscale Reach has wonderful waterfalls and huge cliffs. This area is also home to Empress Tai Ying, an exiled queen building an army to reclaim her throne.
    Shattered Mountain: Arguably the endgame area of the MMO, Shattered Mountain boasts a bleak apocalyptic vibe that encapsulates the feel of the more challenging monsters in the region.

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