As we all know, Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG that gives players the opportunity to explore unique worlds, conquer dungeons and become heroes. Before Bless Unleashed was released on PC on August 6, its development team had been continuously developing games to provide players with a better gaming experience.

After the game's latest closed beta phase ended, the developers wrote a development update to indicate the most significant changes made to the world. From dungeons to stability and performance, to content optimization, and even UI/UX, various changes have been made to the game. The folks at Round8 Studio also promised to continue to listen to the latest round of feedback and continue to implement the necessary changes.

Bless Unleashed enhances the Bless Unleashed Star Seeds action mechanism by combining skills with Blessings and abilities, which will provide players with various combat experiences without having to switch between characters. Based on the feedback, the developers are working hard to adjust the delay, smoothness and difficulty of the battle to avoid battle fatigue and improve the overall experience. For example, in the early areas of the game, the loot drop rate will increase and the enemy difficulty will decrease.

In addition, the dungeon experience has been adjusted and scaled so that players who want higher challenges can do so to test their tactics and strategies. The difficulty of some dungeons will be reduced. The unique combat experience of field bosses is also changing. In the early stages of the game, developers worried that it would be a bit boring, so entry-level dungeons and task flow adjustments will be made.

In addition to the core gameplay, UI/UX, graphics and stability will continue to be changed and improved. The developers will make the Bless Unleashed Seeds necessary changes to allow the game to lower the PC temperature and reduce the use of the graphics card, as well as to improve communication between players. In addition, any player can visit MMOWTS at any time to purchase a large number of cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in order to pursue greater progress.