Non-league side Wrexham were rumoured to be in FIFA 22 for months before EA confirmed their addition yesterday via an inventory of all the teams within the game.

Now, though, Wrexham aren't any longer on the list - and EA hasn't said why.

Wrexham were set to become the primary Cheap FIFA 22 Coins non-league team included in FIFA after EA published the list yesterday. Wrexham was listed jointly of FIFA 22's remainder of the globe teams (FIFA 22 includes the highest four tiers of English football by default).

The National League club was rumoured to form it into FIFA 22 for months, in large part thanks to the 2020 takeover of Wrexham by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Reynolds, who plays Deadpool and Free Guy, is from Vancouver Canada, town during which FIFA is developed.

There's another link between EA Sports and Wrexham: former Wrexham defender Shaun Pejic, who is now a producer on FIFA in Vancouver.

So it had been no surprise to work out Wrexham on EA's official list of clubs in FIFA 22. But it absolutely was surprising to determine Wrexham realized the list, with none comment from EA, soon afterwards.

Did the list spoil some elaborate, viral-chasing announcement between EA Sports and Wrexham, an announcement that aims to capitalise on the club's new-found fame? Perhaps a video message from Deadpool himself is within the works? Did EA break its own embargo?

And how did Wrexham's inclusion in FIFA 22 crop up within the first place? I imagine there are a good few rival National League clubs who would like to feature within the hugely popular game, too. What about them?

"More information to come back soon," is all i used to be told after I asked an EA rep about it on.

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