Players' combat skills in Bless Unleashed are directly related to the blessings they choose. If players want to enhance themselves, they may buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to help themselves. If some players feel that their characters need different skills, they can also change the blessing. Here is everything players need to know how to change the blessing.

Get new blessings. Players have to get the new blessing they want before their blessing changes to another blessing. They can do this by collecting memory fragments of specific blessings and placing them on Altar of Physera. Players will be able to collect these memory fragments through special blessing missions given to them by NPCs as they progress through the battle. If the player wants to pass the mission quickly, then they'd better prepare enough Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

But players need to complete the task to unlock the blessing. Complete the Carzacor campaign mission to get the Mark of the Wolf blessing. Complete the Battle of Navarre mission to get the blessing of Lionheart Legacy. Complete the mission of the Padana campaign to get the Crescent Moon blessing. Complete the lair and dungeon quests to get the Night Wind blessing. Purchase memory fragments from Reputation Merchants to get the blessing of Storm Chaser. Bless Centurion’s Command to complete the Unending Conflict campaign mission. Some of the tasks may be difficult to complete. At this time, players need to buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to purchase more powerful equipment.

Once the players start the blessing mission, the location of the fragments will be displayed on the game map. If the player’s inventory is full after acquiring the shards, they will go to the player’s mail stash, and the player will not see the marker on the map. Therefore, please make sure to always keep the first memory fragment in your inventory during the blessing mission.

Change equipment blessing. After obtaining all the memory fragments of the new blessing, players need to go to the nearest Physera altar, which will be marked on the map. Approach and interact with the altar, then follow these steps: Select the "Unlock Blessing" option. Interact with the Physera altar again and select the "Change Blessing" option. Choose the blessing you want to equip from the list. Confirm by selecting the "Replace Blessing" option. But players can only have one active blessing at a time, so they need to Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds carefully.