There are many activities that you can do to relax at home that contribute to your own well-being, but sometimes you need something else that gives you comfort on a daily basis.


And while many times it's the money that keeps us from looking for the alternatives we want, the truth is, there's an amazing reason to invest in a new device that fills your life with good vibes and takes your stress away. : a hydromassage tub . Investing in one of these is one of the best decisions that no one will ever regret that will make you think the money was well invested.


So if you already have the disposal and you are going to bring home one of these wonders, then this post will be of great interest to you, because at the time of making your purchase you will find multiple models of this type of tubs, and well that each has its advantages and strengths, the fact that there are different functions is a reality that will lead you to analyze or doubt which one is best for you.


You may be wondering what are the qualities that characterize the different models of hydromassage showers ? The truth is that there is a function that divides them into two types: hydromassage tubs with sauna and those without sauna.


The sauna itself is a great experience, however, you don't necessarily have to be one of those tubs with this item included. Therefore, here you can find the one that will suit you best according to your needs and the characteristics of your home.



To begin with, the hydromassage tubs that do not contain a sauna are considered the basic tubs with which you can enjoy wonderful massages. But, wait, the word "basic" should not make you think that it is something simple, because this type of tub is totally beneficial if you are looking for a good moment of relaxation thanks to aquatic massages on key points of the back.


The purpose of hydromassages is to apply water to the parts of the body concerned (the word itself says it: "hydro" for water and "massage" for the sensation it produces), which allows to achieve relaxation and release of tension in muscles and joints. For this, these tubs are configured and designed with different methods, functions, speeds and water temperatures that make all this work possible.


These tubs are made up of different taps, valves, shower arms and other functions that allow the expulsion and pressure of water necessary for the rehabilitation of the affected areas. In addition, its structure is established by doors or glass walls most often.


Therefore, when installing one of these tubs, it is important to consider the space of where the equipment will be placed (a question that you will also need to resolve if you go for a majestic outdoor massage tub spa ), as it is necessary that the area has sufficient space for the installation process and for its proper use.


On the other hand, these tubs can also have other fantastic extras, such as chromotherapy, radio and speakers for listening to music, the seat and even some are equipped with integrated bluetooth.



When we talk about a hydromassage tub with sauna , we all easily understand that we are talking about the functions of a tub with the usual characteristics inherent in it, but also with the addition of the sauna.


Having a sauna at home can also be a wonderful alternative for total comfort and relaxation. Its advantages and benefits are manifold and one of the best things that you can get with a tub of this style is that you can alternate the functions it provides (sauna and / or tub) and therefore have wider benefits. In addition, the price of these tubs is not much higher than that of freestanding hydromassage tubs without a sauna.


The sauna function is integrated by a steam generator capable of offering great benefits for your health. It relaxes you, helps you reduce muscle tension and stress, improves blood circulation, reduces insomnia or problems falling asleep, takes care of your skin and even gives you special moments with your partner.


It is also important to point out that hydromassage tubs including a sauna can be made with other materials. Wood, in many cases, is one of these tubs, as the function of expelling steam requires certain characteristics for the bath to be effective. But keep in mind that models can vary, and they don't have to be made of just one type of material.


tub VS tub

Which do you think you should choose? Well, it all depends on what you prefer for yourself or your family. If you just want to enjoy the benefits of a hydromassage tub, then don't worry about the lack of a sauna. You can simply enjoy great physical and mental relaxation with this type of tub.


If you suffer from chronic muscle problems, if your job requires you to exert a lot of physical effort, if you are an athlete, a dancer or if you just want to live with better body health, then do not hesitate to acquire a tub. hydromassage. You will find that it is an ideal piece for your lifestyle and that it will allow you to achieve better quality of dexterity, movement, sleep and a considerable reduction in stress.


Also, if you have high blood pressure then the no sauna option is right for you, as high sauna temperatures are a threat to people who suffer from this problem.


The good news is that there is no reason to go without a hydromassage tub. But if you want to go even further and benefit from extraordinary steam baths in addition to aquatic massages, it is obvious that you will be well advised to opt for a spa tub with an integrated sauna function.


For those who enjoy meditation, who practice yoga, who like to make connections with the mind and soul and for those who are looking for new methods to improve their health and to have therapeutic experiences, the installation of a tub also including a sauna will be an excellent choice.


Therefore, the decision to choose one or the other will be made depending on what you need or prefer. The truth is that installing a hydromassage tub at home, with or without a built-in sauna, will completely change your life for the better, reducing stress and achieving better concentration in your work and daily life.