Many PoE players will buy POE Currency to configure better equipment for their class. For some more powerful classes, this is undoubtedly the icing on the cake. When facing a powerful enemy, they can easily defeat the enemy. For Scion Class, some players may not be very optimistic about it. In fact, as long as you have a full understanding of a certain class, it will exert a strength that players can't imagine. Here is some content about Scion.

Take advantage of Easy Jewel Slots. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Scion is the easy access to additional jewelry slots. By only deviating a few points from the path, she can accomplish things that other classes cannot do by obtaining multiple slots in the middle of the game. Other classes may try to brag about their Ascendany rewards, but this advantage overshadows all of them. By upgrading spells and auxiliary gems, Scion will not just make up for any of these niche bonuses she missed. This looks even more tempting than some POE Currency rewards.

Support gems are the best. Because Scion will spread out a bit, it's not a good idea to invest in a lot of active skill gems. It feels like it would be nice to have a spell for everything, but if she needs to perform four of the five or more skills in each battle, this will quickly exhaust her resource pool. Therefore, it is best to have only a few skill gems, and then use auxiliary gems to support them to enhance their effects. With this focused strategy alone, Scion may become the strongest hitter with the best tank capabilities. Or players can buy POE Currency to increase its power.

Become half of the tank. Although players may want to focus on classes in the two offensive areas of the skill tree, for Scion, players must use at least one branch in depth for certain tank skills. This provides Scion with the coveted build in almost all RPGs. For many novice players, they may be busy learning the knowledge of the game and forget the importance of defense. This will never happen, especially in this game. So players can buy Path of Exile Currency to buy some defensive equipment, which is extremely important in battle.