Hidden gps tracker for car is used more and more widely, especially driver friends are no strangers. Many friends want to know whether the GPS tracker can work normally in harsh environments. Under normal circumstances, normal electronic products will affect the normal operation of the equipment when the temperature rises or falls.

Just as in winter, some electronic devices may not be able to charge, so GPS locators working outdoors are also affected by environmental factors. In a low temperature environment, the acceptable range of the positioner is -20-70 degrees. Many people think that it is not important because it will not be so high at room temperature. In fact, such a temperature range only means that the GPS locator can maintain its work, but it may not be able to achieve the best working condition. In winter in the northern hemisphere, minus 20 degrees is also common, not to mention that the temperature will drop in some harsh environments. In summer, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will be parked in a shady parking lot every time. It only needs to be outdoors. The temperature inside the vehicle is higher than outside, let alone a vehicle that is directly exposed to the sun. Stabilizing the ambient temperature at 15-35°C is the best condition for the continuous operation of the GPS locator.

If the above two weather conditions occur, and the locator is still placed outside the car, such as the bumper in the trunk of the car, there will be greater restrictions on vehicles that are directly exposed to the environment. If the working temperature of the GPS locator exceeds the allowable value, it will automatically shut down and stop working to protect the parts of the device and not automatically damage the equipment. People often ask whether the locator will explode when exposed to sunlight? The bursting of the GPS tracker is mostly caused by line faults, and wiring errors cause changes and collisions of various parts of the equipment. If your GPS locator is placed correctly, it won't be like this at all. The same is true for low temperature environments.

In harsh environments, whether the hidden gps tracker for car can work normally depends on the specific circumstances. In severe weather conditions, whether the GPS tracker can work normally in severe weather conditions, not only must consider the ambient temperature, Also consider the signal reception of the GPS locator in thunderstorm weather. If the weather is too bad, it is recommended that you go out as little as possible. Of course, you should also pay attention to the environment and connection method of the GPS locator.