If you have played MMORPG, you should be very clear that player housing is always popular in the game. This is no exception in New World. If the player owns a house in Aeternum, then they will not have to compete for real estate. Moreover, multiple players can have the same home, and you can even invite friends to play.

It is worth noting that if you want to buy your own house in the game, you need to pay a large amount of gold for this. But owning one or more houses in Aeternum does bring some significant benefits, and if you can afford it, this will make them a worthwhile investment for most players. Here is the information you need to know when buying a home at New World and how to Buy New World Coins use them to your advantage.

There are multiple houses for sale in settlements in every territory, ranging from fairly inexpensive small houses to more expensive multi-storey mansions. In order to be eligible to buy the cheapest house in any settlement, you must first reach level 10 territorial prestige in that particular territory. This is not particularly difficult, because almost everything you do will contribute to the prestige of the territory, and doing tasks or the work of the town project committee will make your ranking rise rapidly. Larger houses cost more and require higher territorial prestige levels to purchase.

New World Coins

What you need to know is that once you have decided on the home and location you want to buy, you will get a 50% discount on your first home purchase. This also applies to the taxes you will pay. It may be tempting to simply buy the smallest and cheapest home, but if you wait and buy a larger home at a first-time buyer discount, you will save more gold. It ultimately depends on you and how much money you have and are willing to pay.

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