High pressure cleaning pump is a kind of equipment with high frequency of use. In order not to affect the use efficiency as much as possible, ensuring long-term operation time of high-pressure cleaning pump has become another goal we should pursue.

1, according to the operating rules to do correctly is the first thing to do, and to ensure that the high pressure cleaning pump water pipe is very sealed, absolutely can't have any damage and leakage phenomenon, lest will cause a certain pressure burden on the equipment. If cavitation appears during the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to stop the operation immediately to avoid damage to the equipment. In addition, the same is true in the operation with excessive flow, and the time must not be long.

2. If the high-pressure pump has to be operated all the time, it is best to lubricate the bearings every 500 hours. If a high-pressure oil gun can be directly added, the lubrication effect will be more ideal. No matter what kind of equipment, after a period of use, it will cause a certain degree of wear and tear, and the high-pressure cleaning pump cannot be avoided. Therefore, if the equipment has obvious abnormal situation, it must be stopped for maintenance in time to avoid more serious situation.

3. Finally, we should remind everyone that it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of equipment sealing parts, especially its lubrication and cleanliness, because any fine particles and sand will affect the smoothness of parts, which is normal, and even cause damage to parts under dry grinding without mechanical sealing.

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