All you need to know about Alcohol and Cancer

When a heavy drinker suddenly stops or significantly reduces their alcohol intake, the Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is likely to occur. When one experiences Alcohol withdrawal syndrome, one might experience a combination of physical and emotional symptoms, from mild anxiety and fatigue to nausea, but severe symptoms include hallucinations and seizures. If you want to know can alcohol withdrawal cause seizures, then you must consider reading ahead.

Symptoms or side effects of cancer treatment

If you suffer from alcohol withdrawal syndrome, then you can have a plethora of symptoms, and it all depends on how much alcohol you drank, your body type, sex, age, and any underlying medical conditions. Some of the common symptoms are likely to include:

fast heart rate
excessive sweating
increased heart rate
high blood pressure
fast respirations
extreme confusion
extreme agitation
a fever

It will be a medical emergency if you suffer from severe AWS symptoms. The reasons to seek immediate help at Rehab include high fever, hallucinations, and heart disturbances. If there is a drastic change in blood pressure, it might also lead to a stroke or heart attack.

You are at high risk of AWS if you have an addiction to alcohol or you drink heavily on a regular basis and are not able to cut down gradually. The syndrome is quite common in adults, but nothing is surprising that it can hit young adults and teenagers also who drink alcohol.

1. detox- one needs to undergo detoxification if one of the causes of their depression is substance abuse as it is a vital treatment for depression patients if they have any history of substance abuse. Besides that, it is all about a process of freeing you from addictions and getting you to stop depending on substances.

2. Therapy- if you know what to expect during inpatient depression treatment, you must understand that therapy is the core of it, and the therapy is likely to tackle the source of the problem and solve it from the root as it’s the actual cure for a plethora of depression types.