It means clothing that addresses your state of mind as much as it dresses your physical form. In our email exchange, this time on the subject of militaria, the Moncler Sale designers added this: "Through our exploration of vintage uniforms, it is quite evident that many of the developments in utilitarian fabrics and construction techniques have been made in military wear as these items are made for people to wear in extreme conditions.

I mean, it's definitely changed the way that we work and also the way that I think about it. Moncler is a brand born in winter, shaped by winter - and which naturally loves winter.

The exhibition was supported by Artsy and its proceeds will go to the non - profit organization FREE THE WORK in support of indigenous, black, BI - POC and transgender people working in the film industry.

"We had to update our software," explained Chairman and Chief Executive Remo Ruffini, speaking at The Business of Fashion's VOICES 2020 summit Wednesday.

Everyone has a concept, and everyone is making a contribution; sharing their creativity in order to make something new." Pulling this all together in a few weeks must have been even more mind - frying than watching it - so piuminos off to the MondoGenius massive.

Williams created a film with Teezo that debuted on Saturday, focusing on the "dystopian uniform," as the designer put it, that he has continued to evolve for Moncler.

And when Green showed his collection of sculptural coats, pants, vests, and jackets layered together in towering Michelin Man - like fashion earlier this year in Milan, he made the right kind of waves.