Since the introduction of RuneScape 3, there has been heated debate over how to determine which game version was the best. Although RuneScape 3 continued to be a well-known game, the numerous private servers that OSRS Gold were available for the older version of RuneScape indicated that a large segment of the RuneScape player base liked the older versions. Both camps have their opinions and we'll explore the arguments.

RuneScape 3

RuneScape 3, with its evidently updated graphics, comes with numerous other changes. One of them can be seen in the microtransactions introduced which let you spend real-world currency as well as purchase a membership to boost your chances of winning within the game. There are a variety of rewards that include the possibility of acquiring experience lamps. This is among the reasons RS3 gold is overpriced.

The latest version features a different method of progress. The game has improved minigames and more dungeons and a myriad of other activities. Even with no experience lamps, players can improve their skills more quickly in RS3 than they could in Old School RuneScape. This means the game is more suited to gamers who for some reason, aren't in a position to spend the same amount of time playing.

RS3 may also go as the abbreviation EoC which is the acronym as Evolution of Combat. The alias stands for Evolution of Combat. of the combat system that has taken the game from simple click-based combat to a challenging and diverse skill-based combat system. EoC introduced a range of spells and abilities for the three styles of combat that allow for nearly unlimited customization as well as more exciting combat interactions. Although it was considered infidelity by some members of the community, however, many embraced it as refreshing. It is possible to switch to the traditional combat system at any time in RS3 to allow for both kinds of players.

Old School RuneScape

A large portion of scapers longed for an older version of the game over a few years. The rise of private servers proved that there was a need for the older version of the game and the demand was massive. OSRS a.k.a RuneScape07 was the name of the game that was released at the time of its release on August 10, 2007. This particular version of the game was randomly selected. Jagex team discovered an old save and started it up, and to everyone's delight, it worked!

In beginning, OSRS was only accessible to members and was intended to be maintained by a small group and not even developed. But, as the popularity grew, poll booths were added. Then updates. The game then opened to non-paying players. In the following updates, small ones morphed into larger ones, until OSRS was a distinct game of its own.

It is possible to say that at present, OSRS is not so "old old school" in the sense that it has been able to receive a lot of new material. But, it has retained the essence of the original game. The skilling process is the same thing, but there aren't any Teleports to be found at the beginning of the game, nor is there any method of getting leveled faster, other than buying the experience lamps. There is a fact that there are other methods to increase the level of skills, and some require the infusion of RuneScape gold, however, it's approximately the same time raise the ability to 99 like it was earlier in the day. OSRS community was very opposed to the idea of double XP weekends being added to the game when they were added to RS3 and it appears that Jagex has remained with the system.


The debate about the best game to play is not a valid one. The games differ enough to attract diverse audiences, so it is not possible to simply say that RS3 is superior to OSRS and the reverse is true. RS3 is a great game with a number of improvements to the quality of life which means that things are less time and crafting is easier and a number of tedious tasks can be accomplished with semi-AFKing. There is a greater team of people working on RS3 and it is receiving many changes, including major ones too. There are regularly scheduled events.

OSRS however is more similar to the classic RPG games, in which players earned every single thing. They do earn as OSRS isn't as convenient as its smaller brother. This feeling of achievement is certainly appealing to a few gamers. The simple gameplay is appealing and shouldn't be seen as simply "worse". A large number of players online is a clear indication of this.

At the end of the day, it's entirely subjective, and the game that you enjoy more is the best for you. RS3 is not as demanding in terms of time and, in general, isn't as savage: forgetting one item from the bank is just a simple "whoops" rather than another run of 10 minutes. OSRS is more challenging in terms of time but keeps the spirit of older games that require more effort to play with Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. will pay off when you reach your objectives. And, if you aren't able to.