Creating a space that appeals to a child is no child’s play! It takes a lot of ingenuity, sensitivity to a child’s moods and design ideas from the child itself to come up with a bedroom and bathroom that they will love.

If you are looking to redesign your children’s bathroom, we have 5 tips to get you started on your design journey:

#1 Make the space easier to use.

The children’s bathroom should not be a cavernous space with highly polished floor tiles, fancy fittings and mirrors on every surface. Far from being the swank bathroom that you envision for yourself, it should be a space where the child feels safe and can use creatively. The foremost consideration for a child’s bathroom is to make it a safe one to use. This means installing pull-out step stools to stand and brush their teeth while looking at the mirror, anti-slip tiling on the floor, a bathtub with rails and steps to go in and out, a toilet seat low enough to climb on to, and so on.

#2 Get new bath linen of their choice.

Most children rebel at the thought of going for a bath, or they take ages to get out of the bath because they’re having so much fun! Wouldn’t you prefer the second option? Your children should enjoy being in the bathroom, splashing about in the bathtub and talking to their imaginary friends as they towel themselves dry. Investing in bath linen that your kids adore is crucial to them enjoying bath times. If your child is a Frozen fan, you should get towel featuring Elsa and other Frozen characters, or bathrobe featuring the Minions. If your child loves their bath robes, towels and shower caps, they will not make a fuss about bath time and even acquiesce willingly when you ask them to take a shower.


#3 Keep the accessories to a minimum.

The children’s bathroom, much like their bedroom, should be uncluttered and free of pointy, sharp objects. Keep the bathroom accessories to a minimum so that they are not encouraged to take things apart and hurt themselves. Also invest in sturdy rods for towels and rails to hang their clothes on, instead of hooks. Get them toothbrushes with a good grip, small sized toothpaste tubes, hand sanitiser, hand washing soap and a bar soap for the bathtub.

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#4 Install a bathroom vanity.

Though your children are young, they will have a lot of their personal belongings that need space. From bath linen to freshly laundered pyjamas, they will need enough storage to put their belongings away. Install a bathroom vanity with drawers, adding dividers in some of them to keep the drawers organised. You can draw attention to the vanity by fitting coloured handles on the drawers.

#5 Ensure a cheery ambience.

Children are drawn to spaces with a lot of light and colour, and their bathroom must reflect their inner child and beauty. Have the bathroom painted in white/off white/eggshell white on the walls, with a darker floor in non-slip tile. You may even have artwork on one wall, or have a mural of their favourite animation character painted there. If there is not enough natural light seeping into the bathroom, add a row of spotlights on the ceiling and have halogen bulbs over the wash basin. Ensure that there are no dank smells in there – if your child does not have any allergies or respiratory issues, you can have a small essential oil burner in a corner to keep the room smelling fresh.