The ensuing pandemic situation has made one thing extremely clear - our health should take top priority. No matter how fine you feel now, unexpected situations can come out of nowhere and overwhelm you. That is why it is best to be prepared. So when it comes to protecting the health of you and your family, getting a family health insurance plan is an absolute must. The easiest way to get the right family health insurance plan in Dubai, is to get in touch with an insurance broker, who will have the required experience and proficiency to help you make the best decision.

What Is Family Health Insurance?

Health insurance plans in Dubai are available in multiple forms. This can include individual plans, family health insurance and others. The family health insurance plan gives you coverage for both you and your family. This coverage can get you and your loved ones quality healthcare and provide you financial assistance for your medical expenses on a cashless or reimbursement basis.

In the case of private health insurance plans, you have the option of customizing your plan by opting for specific, personalized add-ons to your cover. This is because every family is unique and as such, has different requirements. To ensure your family health insurance in Dubai is customized according to their needs, consult with an insurance broker. As experts in the field of insurance, they will help you by analyzing your family’s medical needs (both present and future), and provide you with the best options available for health insurance in Dubai

Why Do You Need Family Health Insurance In Dubai?

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement in Dubai, and the absence of a valid plan will leave you vulnerable to fines. The reason for this is to ensure that everyone living in Dubai has access to good health care and can be safeguarded in case of any unexpected situations. For expats this is even more crucial since if you do not have health insurance in Dubai, you are in danger of losing residency status, or visa renewal. This is because the government will only carry these functions out if you have proof of adequate health insurance.

The premiums of a family insurance plan are also more affordable compared to the sum of the premiums of individual members. Ensure you are consulting an experienced insurance broker who can offer multiple options

so you can get the right family health insurance plan for you and loved ones.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Family Health Insurance

Don’t pick the first plan you come across

It is always a good idea to look at a number of family health insurance plans and understand what differences and benefits they all have to offer. This will help you find a cover that accurately matches your needs. To do this, consult with your insurance broker, give them details about your family, and get a shortlisted set of options from their end. Working with an insurance broker makes the process better as their expertise will guide you to make a family health insurance choice by considering each members’ needs from an individual standpoint and finding a plan that works best to fulfill these needs.

Get the list of network hospitals from your insurance broker

Every insurance provider offering family health insurance in Dubai is connected to a set of hospitals and similar healing centres. These are called network hospitals. When you visit a network hospital associated with your insurance provider, the number of processes and paperwork becomes significantly lesser. Claim handling is also done quicker. That is why before you decide on a family health insurance plan, get a list of network hospitals associated with each provider from your insurance broker, and choose the one that matches your needs best.

Get claim and renewal process information

You should always ask your insurance broker to share with you the claims data of the insurance provider before you purchase a family health insurance plan. This data gives you an accurate idea of how many claims the insurance company handles in a year, and how long it takes them to approve them. Another thing you should check with your insurance broker is the time taken to renew an existing insurance policy. While you will not have to deal with the process yourself, you must know how long this process will take, so you can make your arrangements accordingly.