Many couples struggle to get pregnant, and IUI can increase their chances of getting pregnant. IUI makes the meeting of eggs and sperm easier. IUI procedure involves injecting the sperm directly into the uterus during ovulation, which reduces the distance that sperm must travel to make the fertilization happen.

Though IUI can be very effective in treating infertility, finding out if it is the right choice for you is important. Here are the six things that you should know about IUI:

  1. IUI can treat both male and female infertility – IUI treatment is effective in treating mild infertility in males as the procedure separates high-quality sperms from low-quality sperms and help in fertilization. IUI is also a good option for males with erection problems or who have retrograde ejaculation in which the sperms are ejaculated in the bladder. In addition, IUI is also used to treat infertility caused due to endometriosis and incompetent cervix.
  2. IUI can be used in association with fertility medicines – The IUI process can be used in association with fertility medicines. Fertility medicines help in boosting egg production that increases your chances of conceiving. Your specialist will coordinate the procedure with your menstrual cycle to achieve great results. Alone, IUI doesn't increase your chance of conceiving twins or triplets. However, when associated with fertility medicines, it boosts the chances of conceiving multiples.
  3. You may need multiple trials of IUI procedure to get pregnant – Women who are younger than 35 years have 10-20% chances of getting pregnant after one round of IUI. For women between the age of 35 to 40%, the chances are 10%, and in women older than 40 years, there is less than a 5% chance of getting pregnant. However, studies show that in about 3-6 cycles of IUI, the chances of getting pregnant increase up to 80%.
  4. IUI is cost-effective – One round of IUI costs much lower than IVF. Even though sometimes it takes 3-4 rounds in IUI pregnancy, the overall cost of IUI is much lower than IVF.
  5. IUI can be done using either fresh or frozen sperm – The sperm used in the procedure can either be fresh or frozen. If your partner is not able to produce fresh semen samples, then the IVF doctors in Hyderabad can obtain them using special medical procedures. The semen samples are carefully examined and prepared before the IUI procedure in the clinic.
  6. IUI should be well-timed – For the successful outcome of the procedure, it is important that IUI is done at the time of ovulation. Your medical expert will monitor your hormone level to determine the ovulation timing. Usually, the IUI has performed a couple of days before ovulation. If you are taking fertility medicines for inducing ovulation, then your doctor will give you clear instructions about when to inject the hormonal injection.

IUI is a simple and inexpensive method with a great success rate. It can be performed in many medical facilities if they use the right techniques. IUI can treat at least 50% of the infertility cases in our country.