The Winter Convergence Festival, a limited time event from December 16, 2021 to January 11, 2022, is coming to Amazon New World. With the snow falling on the land of Aeternum, the seasonal celebrations in the MMO began. However, New World's festival activities are more than just a new layer of snow. In the Winter Convergence Festival, there are new tasks, activities, items, New World Gold, and even new legends to help fans enjoy.

The holiday season of New World is mainly inspired by a mysterious mythical character Winter Wanderer. No one seemed to agree with Aeternum, so naturally, these festive quarrels escalated into an all-out war between the New World factions. After all, the true meaning of the season is loot and New World Gold! Let the battle of Winter Convergence begin.

The first aspect of Winter Wanderer is the lovely Father Winter. It is said that this kind character descended on Aeternum and went to every home and fireplace to provide a sumptuous feast on the coldest night. Of course, Yulnir only rewards those who love and give to each other throughout the year, and those who participate in the feast are said to be nourished into the cold winter.

To celebrate the arrival of winter, some settlements in New World have been transformed into cozy Winter Villages, decorated with flashing lights and festive decorations. There, look for local snowmen to start the seasonal quest line to help them Buy New World Coins. This will lead the player to a pleasant adventure.