If you are a new player of Diablo 2 Resurrected, you'd better use Soul Rune as soon as possible. Because it has some runes that are most easily obtained in the early stages of character development. This is also a good choice for players in the later stages of the game.

Players must first obtain Tal, Thul, Ort, and Amn runes, and then when their character reaches level 25 or higher, enter these runes into equipment with 4 slots to create spiritual runes. You can use the spirit after discovering the 4-hole spirit shield in D2R, and in some early versions, the spirit sword is very useful. In other words, unless your character is a Paladin, you can only Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items hope to get a shield with the necessary jacks on Hell difficulty.

Among them, Tal is one of the most common runes in Diablo 2. If players do not sell runes, they are likely to have one before the end of the normal game. If Tal has already been sold, you can easily find them by running Countess.

You need to visit the Black Swamp in the first act and find the entrance to the Forgotten Tower. On the fifth floor, you will find the countess. No matter what difficulty you play, you can get Tal after defeating her.

Unlike Tal, Thul can only be obtained by defeating the countess in Nightmare or Hell difficulty. But this does not mean that the player has to wait until the nightmare to get the rune. You can use the Horadric block to convert three Ort runes into one Thul rune.

Ort rune can only be obtained in the nightmare or hell difficulty level, or use the Horadic block to transform 3 Ral runes to obtain it. The acquisition of Ral is relatively easy.

If you want to get the Amn rune, you also need to defeat the countess on Nightmare or Hell difficulty. Although it can also be built in the Horadric block, it takes a long time. Because it requires 3 Thul runes, and a Thul rune requires three Ort runes. Each Ort rune requires 3 Ral runes. So, this is really a very long process.

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