Tatum grows stronger every Nba 2k22 Mt year, and fans from the Boston Celtics arehoping he gets some more help in addition to the talented player and small forward mate, Jaylen Brown.

After a 2020 NBA Playoff surge that witnessed Anthony Davis win his first NBA championship, and also endear himself to players of the Los Angeles Lakers, the dominant big man endured an injury-stricken 2020-21 campaign that saw him exit the 2021 NBA playoffs.

Davis has established him as an NBA player of the year, and another championship run alongside LeBron James could put Davis into some lofty conversations regarding where he sits with the NBA's top active players.

Everyone will agree the talent of basketballer Kevin Durant is. The game has never seen anyone with his size, abilities to attack and pure athleticism in the open court. His criticisms come down to his personality and contract decisions in terms of what teams he will play for.

Durant's 96-96 record puts him tied as the best overall player from NBA 2K22, and you'd be difficult to find an NBA player who's not an outright troll or a hater who doesn't think Durant doesn't belong in the conversation as the best player at the moment in the NBA.

Similar to 2k22 mt Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo is regarded as the best basketball player in the world. He's coming off of arguably the most dominant NBA Finals performance of all time , and is the only player in the NBA who is the primary and driver of both the team's defense and offense.