When it comes to curtains, everyone may subconsciously think of which ones are bright or dark, fresh and elegant or simple and heavy, and the texture of certain fabrics is dizzying. The following is an introduction to several curtain crafts on the market, you may wish to take a look at.
1. Dyeing process curtains: Weaving with original white yarn, dyeing after weaving, this is dyed curtains. Dyeing curtains generally have a single color, while solid-color dyed fabrics are rich in color. The same fabric can be dyed in dozens or even hundreds of different colors.
2. yarn-dyed curtains: first dye the yarn, and then weave it with one or more colors of yarn. This is yarn-dyed fabric. The yarn-dyed process can make single-color fabrics with strong color fastness and the minimal color difference between different batches of fabrics. Yarn-dyed fabrics can also be woven into fabrics with multiple color cycles, which can produce more vibrant fabrics than dyed fabrics.
3. Embroidered curtain technology: On the processed fabric, embroider the pattern as required. This is an embroidered curtain. Embroidered curtains include flat embroidery, towel embroidery, appliqué embroidery, hollow embroidery, etc. Its three-dimensional pattern, beautiful and generous, high-end atmosphere.
4. Printing Process Curtains: Colors and patterns are printed on plain fabrics by transfer or rotary screen printing, which is called calico. Simply put, it is to print the pattern after the cloth is woven. Printing processes include paper printing, reactive printing, and digital printing. Bright colors, rich patterns, soft to the touch, often washed and not faded, long-term use as new.
5. Jacquard curtains: Jacquard is a kind of concave and convex pattern interwoven by warp and weft threads in textiles. Jacquard fabrics are woven during the weaving process. The fabric cannot be used after it has been formed. The pattern has a strong three-dimensional sense, the color is softer, the fabric texture is good, thick and strong, relatively high-end, durable, and meaningful.
6.embossed curtains: high-temperature embossing on woven flat yarn or flat cloth. The embossing process includes 3D embossing, electric carving embossing, gluing, and other different processes. Full of three-dimensional effect, rich patterns, and good gloss.
7. Flocking and shearing curtains: using various fabrics as the base fabric, the front is flocked with nylon fluff or viscose fluff, and then steamed and washed. The cut pile process is to cut the plush of ordinary fabrics so that the surface of the fabric is covered with velveteen.
  The quality of curtains is various, and the types of curtains are also different. When choosing curtains, you should not only understand the craftsmanship of curtains, but also shop around, and have your own judgment.

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