In 2018, a no-budget television network in midtown Manhattan transformed real chefs in the industry into full-blown celebrities. Since then that networks ratings have almost surpassed any network airing cooking shows in the USA


In 2018, a group of media experts and TV producers specializing in food had a crazy idea: Let’s launch a network dedicated to showcasing ‘real chefs’ in the industry, no competition shows, that’s entirely devoted to food. What they soon discovered was that American was tired of cutthroat competition shows steering away from ‘food’ as the actual focus of the program — and a new generation of culinary talent was ready to jump in front of the cameras. Together, this small, talented groupof foodies laid the foundation for celebrity chefs and (for better or worse) a wave of national foodyism.



Eat This TV was born and soon exploded as the only network dedicated to showing people how to cook demonstration by professional chefs in the industry. “Eat This TV” hand picks all of their talents and put them through multiple processes before agreeing to air a new host on our network” says, Todd Maynard the network’s programming director.


What makes Eat This TV different is that they produce, edit, film and distribute all the content that is on their network. This makes them the largest production and distribution company network on the planet. Over 480 shows make up their network on a yearly basis. Their 24/7 tantalizing shows can be found on all the major platforms from traditional cable, Roku, Amazon Five, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Android TV and a dozen others.


We strive to keep our viewers in tune with the latest food trends taught by ‘real chefs’ in the industry that have changed the way people eat in American” says Mike Glossinger who is one of the networks executive producers.


Eat This TV’s production staff consist of the some of the best award-winning directors, cinematographer’s, editors and food producers in the USA.


So what’s the future of this new network that seems to be rolling over all broadcasters that have cooking show content? “We are at the cutting edge of creating all things food and making them accessible to everyone with a slightly higher sophisticated palate” says Steven Garney one of the networks writers.


For more Information on Eat This TV log onto their website or drop them an e-mail at [email protected]


Dale Rosen


Senior Editor


“The Daily Food Report”