There are some of the best gold farms in TBC Classicz in 2022, and these gold farms are accessible to both new and old players and are suitable for every class, so let's take a look now!

The first gold farm in mid-2022 is the hyperspawn farm in Team Fortress in Shadowmoon Valley, where Companion Decorations can be obtained. In general, gold farms are very competitive in open worlds, and if you want to do them alone, it's almost impossible. And the gold farm here is the hyperspawn, where you just need to lock a spawn location to get started.

There will be three main pillars in this location, and four warlocks will spawn around each pillar, which means there will Buy WOW TBC Gold be a total of 12 warlocks here. These warlocks will stay super respawned if you can kill them at breakneck speed. If your team has a total of 6 people, then when everyone pays attention to their spawn position, they can farm with maximum efficiency. If you only have three people, that's fine too, you only need to be stationed at one post each.

Here you need to look for Fel Armaments, which are sold in the market for 10-20 gold. MMOWTS is your site to get WOW TBC Gold fast. You'll also get some Marks of Sargeras that give you extra gold over time, as well as a chance to get really valuable green and blue items.

Since the opponents here are humans, you can also loot healing potions and mana potions, which sell for 1 gold each. And also drops rank 5 scrolls, and The rank 5 agility and strength scrolls are now worth about 10 gold on the market. So here you can earn quite a lot of gold.

It has to be said that this is one of the best areas for players to farm TBC Classic Gold, but it requires players to invest a lot of time to get better results. If you choose, you don't need to go through this process at all. They sell plenty of TBC Classic Gold every day at a relatively cheap price and you can get a lot of TBC Classic Gold the fastest way.