The quality of sleep determines a person’s ability to stay alert and energetic throughout the day. And the most important thing that influences one’s sleep is a comfortable bed. And for this, one would need cotton bed sheets. Having them at home ensures that everyone can enjoy a good night’s sleep at the end of a tiring day.

Given below are the other reasons why you need to buy cotton bed sheets online to sleep well:

  1. They are breathable

Cotton is natural and is breathable. This is a must for sound sleep because it absorbs the heat and humidity from the body. This is not the case with other man-made fabrics. They cause heat and stickiness, and those sleeping on them are sure to have a tough day ahead. When shopping for bedding, buy cotton bed sheets online. Its natural ventilation will ensure that the one lying on is able to sleep without any interruption.

  1. They are skin-friendly

Have a power nap on a fresh and clean cotton sheet. The energy it provides will be there all day long. This happens because cotton bedding is skin-friendly. This may not be the situation with other fabrics like polyester. They may cause the discomforts like itching. This never happens with cotton.

Cotton is the ideal choice for those with overly sensitive skin. Furthermore, the fabric is not prone to dust, bedbugs and other things that disturb sleep.

  1. It is the ideal choice for the scorching summer

Cotton reduces the body’s temperature and makes one feel cooler. Other fabrics that warm to the body may not have this feature.

Furthermore, cotton bed sheets last long. This eliminates the need of having to wash them with hands. One can just dump it in the washing machine and observe it coming out cleaner. But one has to wash it once a week to stay healthy. Don't let bedbugs and other insects thrive on your bed sheet.

  1. They are easy to care for

Caring for silk or any other fabric is a time-consuming process. They may be heat-sensitive. Cotton is not sensitive to temperature. One can send it for quick washing and relax. Drying it up, too, is a breeze. It just has to be spread in the sun.

Cotton also does not require any expensive cleaning agent like detergent. A regular washing powder will do the job.

Tips to buy

Experts always advise consumers to buy a cotton bed sheet online when shopping. That is the safer alternative than a brick and mortar store during this time of pandemic. Remember the following tips when shopping for a cotton bed sheet:

  1. Be mindful of the content of the fabric

The content of the fabric is the first thing that deserves attention when buying cotton bed sheets. This may appear difficult when shopping online. Take great care to go over the content of the fabric before buying it.

  1. There is more to it than the thread count

Fabric manufacturers of today know how to create the illusion of increased thread count without doing it. It is often said a 500-count bed sheet is the most comfortable. But the one that is shown like that may not appear as comfortable as one may expect. Look at other factors other than the thread count when making the purchase.

  1. Take measurements

Avoid assuming that the cotton bed sheet you buy will fit on your bedding. Standard sizes don't take this into account. Take the measurements of your coat and choose from cotton double bed sheets, cotton single bed sheets, and standard sheets per your requirements. Depth of the mattress and the use of a mattress topper are the other factors that need attention here.

Go for cotton bed sheets. They are comfortable, easy to clean, dry faster and cool the body.