Chenille fabrics are soft to the touch and are widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. The fabrics are gorgeous and have a velvet feel. They can be used as chenille carpet fabrics and curtain fabrics.

    Chenille curtains can be made into a variety of exquisite patterns and patterns, and the overall appearance is high-end and gorgeous, with good decoration and can make the interior show a magnificent feeling, which can well express the noble taste of the owner. In terms of touch, the characteristics of certain fabrics are that the fiber fibers are held on the plied core yarn, the suede is plump and has a velvet feel, and the touch is soft and comfortable. In terms of drapability, chenille curtains have excellent drape, keep the vertical plane vertical, have good texture, and make the interior tidier.

    But you should also know that chenille fabrics also have shortcomings.

  1. The chenille curtain has some shortcomings due to the characteristics of its material itself. It will deform and shrink after cleaning, so it cannot be smoothed by ironing, so as not to cause the curtain fabric to fall down and mess up. It is the curtain of the curtain. On the front, as a result, the curtains are not much ornamental.
  2. The popular chenille curtains on the market are actually basically made of a cotton chenille yarn tufted, but the specific Del comparison will be very different because some manufacturers produce The pile is thicker, while the pile of some manufacturers does look thinner.

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