Like everything else, no two commercial cleaning contractors are alike, and they have differences. In high-profile locations like Manhattan in New York City, there is a considerable competition to provide the best office cleaning service NYC has available. As a result, the top companies go out of their way to differentiate themselves. When you're deciding among them, checking references is an excellent idea. You can also check reviews online to see what people are saying. Make sure you read the comments and don't stop as soon as you see five stars because your needs may differ.


Depending on your office size and its interior design (e.g., ornate and historical versus modern and minimal), you need contractors with specific capabilities. The size of your office also matters when selecting a cleaning service because they need to have the staff size and equipment to handle larger spaces. Some are contracted to clean entire buildings, while others work for individual tenants on a finite basis. Today even large companies commonly outsource their office cleaning rather than using in-house staff. It's expensive to buy equipment and keep employees trained, and contractors do it continuously.


You can also find specialized services like eco-cleaning if you need them to align with your company's sustainability and environmental goals. Today's EPA-registered antimicrobial cleaners are advanced to kill viruses and bacteria with less impact on humans and the earth. It's also possible to replace disposable items with reusable ones to cut down on waste. Office managers are impressed by the changes and have no sacrifice in the quality or effectiveness of the service. It's not often that you can meet your company's goals, stay on budget, and have no complications with an enhanced cleaning service.


Since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a spotlight on cleanliness and keeping your office spotless is a priority. People want clean surroundings and shared surfaces disinfected for their peace of mind. Better contractors keep on top of these needs (and expectations) and are proactive in ensuring your workplace is pristine. One of the significant advantages of outsourcing your office cleaning to a highly rated service is the quality of their work and the responsibility it takes off your plate. Keep an eye out for favorable references, expanded services offering, and five-star ratings.