The Elder Scrolls Online is getting another big expansion in June, and the Takashima chapter looks to be packed with exciting new content. Players can Buy ESO Gold to take part in the game.

Beginning with 2017’s Morrowind chapter, Elder Scrolls Online has received five major expansion packs, each of which adds new areas, NPCs, questlines, raids, and gear to the game. The Elder Scrolls Online is about to usher in another large-scale expansion. Titled High Island, this chapter transports players to a vibrant Mediterranean-themed island where they’ll soon be drawn into a dark conspiracy.

Just off the coast of Summerset and Hammerfall, players will head to the Systres Archipelago, a small group of islands, each filled with lush foliage and Mediterranean-style architecture, and home to the Breton race. It’s a picturesque place, and players can stop and inspect it.

The largest island, known as High Isle, is the central hub for most of the commerce in the region. High Isle is also the location for nearby political discussions. The High Isle expansion pack will also bring new raids to the game. This new “Dreadsail Reef” raid sees 12 players trying to wipe out the entire Pirate Bay. As players take the fight to the pirate home ground, they better be prepared to spend ESO Gold for some solid gear and powerful weapons.

Players who want to know more about High Isle can look forward to it and go to IGGM to get enough ESO Gold, which is a very necessary preparation. Players hope High Isle will bring them more fun.