Pop colorful bubbles in the video game Bubble Shooter. Forming three or more identical groups is as simple as hurling bubbles of the same color at each other. The more bubbles you pop in a single shot, the more points you earn. A row of the game board will be moved down if you fail to make a combination. In order to win, you must score as many points as possible while eliminating all the bubbles. Play with a variety of weapons, such as exploding bombs and an aiming device. Is there a particular sequence in bubble shooter that you'd like to share?

Tap to change, drag to aim, and release to fire. Solve puzzles, pop bubbles, and match colors. Let yourself be pampered by your favorite viking-themed pop stars, who have been specially costumed for your pleasure. Keep your mind active to avoid becoming bored.

In order to win the game, you must get three or more marbles of the same color together. The game is over when all of the balls have fallen to the bottom of the screen. There are a lot of ways to rack up points in this game. Once the field is clear of balls, a player has won the game.

To change the color of the bubbles and complete the puzzle, simply tap them.

Move your aim by swiping, then release to shoot! Shoot the same-colored bubbles by carefully aiming and tapping.

Pop all the bubbles by matching three or more of the same color.

Shoot through the wall of bubbles to free Einherjar the genie from the bubble jungle. Once you've figured out the best method, you can advance levels!

Unlock new episodes and free bubble shooter rewards by completing levels, and use smart bubble shots to reduce the number of steps and increase the number of reward opportunities.