This guide will present you with a brief description of ten classes in World of Warcraft, whether they’re good in PvP or PvE, some abilities, and many more. Keep in mind that each type has its own quirk, and your choice will solely depend on which playstyle you enjoy most.


Warlocks call upon dark magic and dark curses to destroy enemies. They are considered a DPS caster class, famous for their debuffs and damage over time effects.

- PvE: Affliction and demonology of the top dog dps specs in a raiding environment. Destro is decent but it is just a worse version of a demonology or affliction warlock, but it does provide the replenishment buff if your raid doesn't already have it from a rep paladin or something like that. Both are great at single target and aoe dps of over demonological wallet definitely is the stronger candidate for aoe dps. They're really slightly behind a mage. Their dps is stronger during the executes phase dramatically, so in longer fights, they will creep up on the logs. But the warlock is a proper pet class now, the play is to always have your pet out.

- PvP: In PVP, we get the new spell called Demonic Circle Teleport where you place it on the ground if you can teleport back up to that location. Affliction will always go for unstable affliction now, it's very overpowered because it silences the healer when they dispel it. Haunt can now also be used to increase all dot damage on the target. Definitely not as tanky in pvp though because we can't soul link and siphon life all specs across the board apart from the prop red spec will spec deeper into their trees, not really that much hybridization of rafflechicken. An affliction wallet goes very well in the mld comp which is magellan druid, shadowplay which is of the shadow priest healer and shadowcleave which is an holy definite healer. Destruction is also very good in the arena, but it's limited to comps that have a lot of control otherwise the destruction walkers isn't going to be able to get those chaos bolts off. It's going to be hard countered by a melee comp for instance. Demonology is just worse than the other specs, it relies on metamorphosis to do a lot of damage but then without it, it is more of a noodle version of affliction or destruction.

WarriorWarriors are close-combat fighters used as a tank or a melee DPS. Their abilities depend on Rage, which recharges when dealing and taking damage.

PvE: Warriors get better with a good amount of crit and armor penetration. You can choose to apply Arms if you want to provide a Blood Frenzy buff.

PvP: Arms is very beneficial because of Mortal Strike, giving you more utility. Unrelenting Assault provides a healing reduction to overpower targets as they cast.


This is a top tier dps, hunters rely on Focus to deal ranged weapon damage using bows, guns, and crossbows. They tame beasts that can be used as combat pets to aid them in battle.

- PvE: This time round the top dog specs are survival and marksman. Marksman is similar to a warrior, it needs about armor penetration before it really starts to pump, but you can make survival pump early on in reflecting very easily, you just got a melee weave to put your traps down on the target because what this will do is it will proc that lock and load effect that causes periodic damage of your immolation trap to make your explosive shot trigger absolutely no cooldowns, it's like a free explosive shot and you can do that every 22 seconds. Base mastery becomes really cool and rough, you can you tame things like devil souls, but it's just a leveling spec, the dps just isn't that great because it's one of the cooler specs in the game, but really is just a solo farming or leveling spec now.

- PvP: In PVP, most people are going to play marksman beast mastery works well with beastcleave which is a comp with an enhancement shaman just has less utility than marksman, but it may be good really early on in Wrath when people are low resilience geared because the burst is insane. You can play survival if you want, but it's just a worse version of marksman because it has less bursts and less utility. Getting traps up is really easy now with the ability freezing arrow which would shoot your trap onto a location where you want it, it's when the scatter trap combo comes into play. You can also play through traps at once, you've got disengage which has been buffed, this is when disengage will actually leap you backwards. You've also got masters core which is a four second freedom that the pet actually can cast on your allies so you can cast it. You've got readiness which refreshes all of your hunter cooldowns. You've got chimera shot which can also disarm, peck can intervene and the comps of hunter really goes well with is jungle cleave which is with a feral and a healer. You've also got cupid cleave which is with a hunter and a retribution paladin.

PaladinPaladins are holy knights with a priest’s holiness and a warrior’s strength. The real definition of a hybrid class, they can do a combination of damage, healing, and protection.

PvE: With insane survivability, Paladins are considered a top-tier tank, arguably the best of the expansion. Glyph of Holy Light can heal two targets at once. The Divine Storm is a weapon attack that heals up to three party members.

PvP: Holy Paladin is considered one of the best healers in the arena because of the Beacon of Light. This allows you to constantly heal two people with absolutely no extra mana cost. Crazy!

MageMages are magic damage dealers specializing in AOE damage spells. They are possibly the most OP ranged DPS in the game.

PvE: It is recommended to play Arcane until you have good enough gear for Fire. Living Bomb and Missile Barrage procs deal really massive damage and make arcane more interesting.

PvP: Frost Mage is highly recommended in PvP. Mirror Image has great bursting ability, while Frost Fire applies a slow attack to enemies.

RogueRogues are a light-armored class that utilizes stealth, poison, and sharp blades to kill enemies without them knowing. The class is only used as a DPS.

PvE: They’re regarded as an excellent DPS from early to end game, as long as you utilize the specs. Use Assassination is perfect for early, while Combat, which deals good Cleave DPS,fits later on.

The Tricks of the Trades ability allows you to transfer threat to a party member and increases the damage done by the target by 15 percent.

PvP: Subtlety Rogues are best used in PvP. Shadowdance is a new overpowered ability that allows you to use stealth abilities outside stealth mode.

PriestPriests are masters of healing. They are followers of the Holy Light, which also grants them control over the darker powers of the Shadow.

PvE: Discipline Priest is the best spec for PvE since Power Word: Shield has been buffed and is extremely mana-efficient. It also regenerates an ally’s resources.

PvP: Discipline Priest is also the best choice for PvP.The Divine Hymn ability can heal through pillars, which is great for healing allies without being at risk. Rapture is also a strong PvP ability as it allows you to immediately use Power Word: Shield on an ally.

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