There is nothing new about infertility; couples have been struggling to conceive for centuries. In the past, infertility issues were not discussed openly and you could not openly discuss them, but now there are many ways to deal with them and more discussions about them. The most popular form of assisted artificial reproduction is IVF. Other options have a higher success rate than IVF.


ICSI Treatment: What it is?


ICSI stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The procedure involves injecting a single sperm into each mature egg to treat male infertility. It is one of the most successful treatments for infertility issues. Using this method, men whose sperm do not move well or do not produce sperm can be treated. ICSI has a success rate of 80 to 85%. According to estimates, eight out of ten eggs will fertilize normally.


Why opt for an ICSI Treatment


ICSI allows fertilization to take place in a petri dish instead of inside a woman's body. ICSI can help you if you have low sperm count or motility problems.


The success rate of ICSI treatments is much higher than that of other infertility treatments, such as IVF. With ICSI treatment, you have a better chance of getting pregnant than with other infertility treatments.


ICSI treatment has some other benefits, including: - The chances of having twins or triplets are higher with ICSI treatment than with IVF.


How does an ICSI procedure work?


Insemination with ICSI requires two visits to an IVF center. On your first visit, a sample of your partner's sperm will be used to fertilize an egg outside of your body. During ICSI treatment, ovulation triggering medication is usually injected into your partner's body within 48 hours before her anticipated period. Your second visit will begin when you are ready for ovulation-triggering medication and ends just after ovulation.

What are the costs involved?

In-vitro preparation is costly, whether or not you have ICSI treatment in Kota or not. The cycle includes IVF (in vitro preparation), and that implies that sperm should be infused straightforwardly into an egg to guarantee treatment. Assuming your center performs intrauterine infusions rather than ICSI medicines, their expenses might be very costly.


One pattern of ICSI treatment can cost you 2.1 to 2.6 lakh INR. This incorporates the expense of chemical infusions that animates the development of more than one egg, the expense of the technique done in the embryology lab, and the expense of freezing undeveloped organisms of top-caliber.


The best-appraised ICSI Treatment in Kota has the most current gear. The resultant achievement rate is higher with In-Vitro Fertilization, however, the expense is huge.

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