Foundation Donates Life-Saving Equipment

Titusville Police Department’s Officers received 50 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK), along with the training to use them, thanks to the generosity and proactive efforts of Parrish Medical Center, Team Health Emergency Physicians and the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation.To get more news about nano zeolite hemostatic dressing, you can visit official website.
This unified medical front supports the importance of early aggressive prehospital first aid in response to a life-threatening trauma. The donating partners realized these kits provided to first responding officers will save lives. Titusville Police Officers dedicate nearly 2000 hours total per year in designated IFAK training, as they are usually first on scene during an extreme emergency medical event. In fact, multiple lives have been saved since this the program began in 2015!

This unique partnership provides IFAK’s to new officers, as well as, replenishes IFAK’s that have already been used during life-saving incidents. The kits, valued at approximately $6500 in total, include a tactical tourniquet and a myriad of life-saving tools and equipment.

“These invaluable kits allow our officers to perform initial lifesaving measures when time is most critical”, said Titusville Police Department Training Coordinator Christina Schmidt. “Thanks to the funding provided by the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation, more lives can be saved every year”, added Schmidt.