Polyester or nylon mesh fabric is commonly used to make casual clothing and fashion such as tank tops, dresses, and other items to be layered. Mesh is still very popular in sportswear due to its breathability and ability to regulate temperature very well. Polyester mesh fabric is also used to make stencils used in screen printing because of its waterproof properties and small holes that allow ink to pass through the fabric.

Mesh netting is more versatile and is generally used to make parts for tents and camping gear. The breathability of the fabric means it's perfect for regulating the temperature in different weather conditions, making it ideal for camping gear. It also prevents insects from biting the skin, which is essential for some types of camping.

A very common but perhaps surprising use of mesh is in the medical industry. It has become commonplace in surgical procedures, mainly to support organs or tissues.

Mesh textiles may look and feel somewhat similar, but the types of fibers used to make them mean they have very different properties.

Polyester mesh is commonly used in sportswear; mesh protects the skin from insect bites and stings and is used in camping equipment and gear; fine mesh is used in wedding and evening dresses and is versatile. Nylon mesh is porous and lightweight, used in clothing, as well as beekeeping veils, tent screens, and laundry bags.

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