1. Adaptive environment brightness: according to the different lighting conditions in the user's room and the different installation positions of the curtain controller, the brightness requirements for the user to automatically close or open the curtains are also different. The machine specially sets the automatic environment brightness function for the user. The user can set the ambient brightness level to adjust according to the needs, making the closing or opening of the intelligent light controlled curtain more intelligent and humanized.

2. Working buzzer prompt: it has working status indication. When the motor is working in forward and reverse rotation, the nixie tube has corresponding working status display. When the buzzer function is turned on, it can also give a buzzer prompt. After the user sets this function, when the motor closes or opens the curtain, the controller sends out a "tick" sound prompt, which is more interesting and practical.

3. Motor automatic protection: when the curtain is opened or closed, if there are foreign matters affecting the operation, the motor will automatically power off. In addition, the remote control electric curtain machine also has the characteristics of high safety and stability: the product uses 12V voltage, which is safe and reliable. It has the advantages of high sensitivity and strong anti-interference. The machine works reliably and has a long service life.

What is the working principle of electric blinds? How to judge it?

Generally, stepping motors are used. The durability mainly depends on the quality of motors and rails. In addition, light sensing can automatically open or close, or automatically adjust the opening angle according to the light.

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