Kids are more enthusiastic when it comes to any outdoor activities. A lot of them are especially eager to participate in sports. Therefore, you should get a bicycle for kids and let your children grow without any restrictions in sports. If they are guided in the right way, their physical and mental health gets a boost and enables them to become productive in every venture. So, instead of getting them regular wheeled bicycles, purchase a gear cycle. It will help them understand things better about cycling from a very young age.

Now if you have any bicycles for kids on your purchase list, you can check out the ones recommended to be the best gear cycles from here.

VECTOR 91 Kids Hybrid Bike

The perfect gear cycle for kids within the age of 7-9, this bicycle will be the first choice for your growing kids. With 20 inches wheel size, the model ranges from 3.5 to 4.2 inches, it is framed with a body made of top-quality carbon. Also, you will get long-term service with rust-free quality, dual-with, and durability. Also, not to forget the strength and longevity it provides because of the supreme build.

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Hybrid Bike

For kids from 12 years and older, Hero Hawk is the best bicycle for kids. You will get this product in half-assembled format, and each part is made of premium quality steel. Along with its exclusive dropdown handlebar designed for racing style cycles, the rigid suspension creates longevity for the user. Also, from the comfort level, you get soft foam-type resin made synthetic grips with caliper-type brakes that are operated by cable.

NINETY-ONE Defeater Pro 29T 21 Speed Hybrid Bike

Just after Hero cycles, we have Ninety hybrid gear cycles that can be used by kids age 12 or older. These medium-sized bicycles for kids come with frames made of superior-grade steel. The wheels are 29 inches with color options available in red and black. More than anything, these cycles are popular for the robust suspension available in their system along with a bottom bracket that reduces regular friction.

Decathlon Riverside 100

One of the top brands in terms of sports, Decathlon has introduced Riverside 100 to their list a few years back. A hybrid gear cycle, pretty versatile for sneaking around the town, as well as going for a hill-station weekend trip. Equipped with strong tires and perfectly sized rims, this cycle can be the best suit even for beginners.

The seat is adjustable for the height with L-key, which helps for a quick release even if the user opts for an off-beat trailing to the mountain terrains. With a comfortable saddle and padded seat, your journey with Decathlon is going to be a fun ride overall.

Firefox Alpha 20T -6 Speed Mountain Cycle

Firefox Cycles are better than most of the other brands available to sell bicycles for kids. Especially this model, it is designed for kids with the age ranging from 7 to 9 years. With the frame made of full Zoom front and 750 LB rear suspension, it also has grip shifters that come with 6-speed Shimano RS35. This enables the user to get a sharp shift without any complaints.

Additionally, you also get mountain bars with linear pulls, V-brakes, and dual suspension. It also comes with detachable training wheels for beginners. Therefore, you can use it for road trips that can be done regularly and also you can carry the same on the hills.

Let your little ones fall in love with the idea of cycling with these exclusive bicycles for kids. 

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