In order to help 2k23 mt promote the game NBA 2K23. he has joined forces with Papa John's and Mountain Dew to bring out the "MTN DEW NBA 2K23 Player's Pack Bundle" in the game. And in the game, he was asked which team he'd like to play in the game.He responded, "Most of the time I play as Stephen Curry because he's automatic." He also stated, "But then every now and then, I'd like to dunk.

If I'm in a tournament and there's a lot of kids there, I'll let the kids pick who they like and I'll choose myself because I'd like to demonstrate to my players what I can perform at home. They'll say "you wouldn't be able to do that!" and I'll say "yeah, I could!""While The Hall of Fame basketball player likes playing the three-pointer specialist, he continues to amaze the audience with his dunks during the game video. And the children who play the "tournament" in the sport would vouch for this.

Excitedly, 2K Games has released their latest addition to the NBA 2K series. The game is created for the game by Visual Concepts. Additionally, the main feature of the release stands as"the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition. Also, 2K23 is the 24th installment of 2k23 mt buy the NBA gaming simulation game.