5 Lighting Trends to Watch in 2022

LED strip lights are always a useful solution, but this year, LED strip lights can also help you keep up with some of the most exciting lighting trends of the year. HitLights presents 5 lighting trends you can bring to your home or office in 2022 using LED strip lights. To get more news about led neon light strip manufacturer, you can visit htj-led.com official website.

There is no competition for LED strip lights when it comes to innovation—there has been no greater innovation to lighting in 100 years than the LED, most people know this as a fact. But oftentimes LED fans have to sit by idly during discussions of trendy lighting or “in” design lighting. LED lighting is usually thought of as a functional product, not fashion. But this year, some of the best lighting trends are ready made for LED strip lights to help you stay current with the latest and greatest in lighting. Here are five of the hottest trends happening in lighting in 2022 and how LED strip lights can help you bring the trends into your space.

Layering Lights
Layering lights is an effect created with multiple light sources throughout a room or area. The opposite of focal point lighting (like a big, dramatic chandelier for example) layering lights uses a variety of light sources, in a variety of applications, including mixing incandescent lights and LED lights. The result is a softer, more diffuse light in a room. Think of it as creating a tone rather than getting maximum lighting from one place.

LED strip lights can help you achieve this look with applications like LED strip lights in book cases (creating an illuminated cabinet look) or strip lights behind wall hangings or art (to give additional interest or to create backlighting. Use our HitLights Luma20 WAVE LED strip lights, made to follow curves.)

Even LED strip lights mounted with crown molding can be used in layering lights—not serving as the main light source, but being lit with other lights, creating the layers. Have fun experimenting with what moods can be struck by layering lights.

Dress Up Your WFH Oasis
Welcome to the hybrid work life. Your home office space is just important now as it has been and that’s probably going to be true for the time being. Consider this: how many video meetings do you have just this week? No more putting it off, your time to decorate your work from home hub is now. The bare blank wall look isn’t going to cut it anymore. This trend is all about styling your space to reflect you and be a part of your professional look.

If you’re thinking to yourself, what does that mean? Seriously, “professional look”? Isn’t that a little over the top? We hate to say it, but in the same way people dress in clothes that are designed to convey your professionalism, what people see on your video meetings reflects your professionalism, too. Do you want potential customers or clients or other important personnel thinking—even subconsciously—"we’ve had a couple years of doing these meetings and that’s the best they could do?”

In US business culture, generally we show our faces to each other in meetings, so don’t think you can hide behind a turned off video cam. The good news is a few small changes can have a big impact on your WFH look and let you get in on this trend that is sure to improve your overall presentation.

Purchase a simple and inexpensive ring light to illuminate your face for video meetings (finally! We know you’ve been putting it off!) Install LED strip lights (like HitLights 16.4ft RGB Light Strip Kit, Color Changing LED Strip Lights with Remote and 12V UL Adapter) along the baseboard of your home office. Set the colors to match your company logo or pick another complementary color scheme. Colored light provides dynamism that a plain wall can’t achieve.

For your own enjoyment, install LED strip lights on the backs of your monitors (you can use a convenient kit like our HitLights Eclipse LED strip light kit; pre-cut installation is complete in minutes) and change up the color as needed to get you through your work day. Like work from home, this trend has staying power. Start small and bring this trend into your home office today.