The theme concept of the Christmas Gift Box:

Striking elk jumping pattern. The appearance of the elk symbolizes auspiciousness. On a snowy night, the bell rings outside, pulling Santa Claus, which can make people look forward to it. The same auspicious animals are unicorns. Since unicorns belong to the animals in the story, in the Christmas theme, no elk is more suitable. We also have our own auspicious beasts in our country, the most common one is the unicorn: wherever the unicorn is, there must be auspiciousness.

Christmas balloons, bells, gift boxes, colorful flowers. The props here are collectively referred to as Christmas sets. The pattern here is applied in order to render the appearance pattern to make the Christmas theme more appropriate. The left and right double doors are decorated with Christmas balloons and colorful flowers, which are very beautiful. The gift box is decorated with bells and gift boxes.

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