A well-crafted piece of artificial jewellery set that was given to us by a loved one may become a daily heirloom that connects us emotionally to the giver. Many people have the good fortune to acquire items that have been handed down through the years. The proper item may give us a boost when we need it or act as a shield, making it seem as though we are carrying our loved ones around with us.

This Christmas, we advise making it special by selecting a present that was well considered. Here are some options we've compiled, including items from our most recent Australian Flora Range, which was motivated by gorgeous local flowers and plants.

1.How loud is it

For tens of thousands of years, the well-known golden wattle has served as a sign of seasonal transition in Australia. The wattle tree and its blooms have long been used by First Nations people as a source of food, medicine, and raw materials for crafting tools for hunting and music. The tree has been a species in Australia for 35 million years, and the golden wattle is our official national flower and appears on our coat of arms. It's a significant issue.

The wattle has served as a sign of unified country through times of adversity since it is uniquely Australian and grows in almost every state. It's a typical spring scene that Simone has chosen in her new jewellery collection and one that inspires delight with magnificent golden blossoms.

Giving someone a wattle necklace set or a gold signet ring jewellery  with a wattle pattern might express the hope that change is on the horizon or show support for a friend or family member. They're also an excellent option for those of us who want to embrace the wattle but can't really enjoy spring because of allergies (not the wattle's fault either).


The boronia shrub, a member of the citrus family, is one of an astounding 160 species of blooming plants that may be found across Australia. The four distinct open petals of the boronia flower, which are often present, are said to represent the interconnectedness of all things.

The flower's openness is said to broaden the heart, vision, and self-awareness while also giving joy and laughter. The flower itself has a powerful, sweet aroma that is used to make perfume or in floral design. You could even think of a familiar face.

We think the pink tourmaline and boronia necklace would be appropriate for a young relative just starting out in the world since the flower reminds them of home, to have an open heart, to trust yourself, and to enjoy their first significant experience. Look at the adorably understated pink tourmaline and gold stud earrings set  that go with them.


Everybody has that one person they "love to the moon and back," whether it is their Nan, closest friend, or a cherished animal. This silver jewellery  Victorian-style moon and back locket, which is a part of our ethnic collection, is a lovely present for the recipient.

The locket features a little compartment where you may put a photo or even a tiny memento, like a pet's stray whisker. It's a terrific piece for every day wear because it matches almost anything. The moonstone is a brilliant white stone that will help you find your way back to the person you love

Looking for a simpler phrase that conveys the same idea? View our little moon and star silver pendant, which also includes a tiny marcasite stone.

See our Amulets Range for other kundan jewellery designs that cover all the bases for a special someone. This range is inspired by desires for love, luck, and protection.


Many cultures hold that a person may curse someone by using their eye's power, causing them poor luck and physical or psychic harm. Greek mythology from the sixth century BC describes the power of the evil eye, or Mati. Fortunately, the eye amulet was created to shield its bearer from such occurrences, aiding in the dispelling of any curses and doing so while appearing quite fashionable.

They won't hear you approaching because of the covert nature of our simple silver eye amulet necklace. The solid traditional gold jewelry set eye amulet necklace with tsavorite gem for a more striking version of this necklace is one of the jewels in our larger Amulets Range, which includes various gemstones and forms.

Regardless of the design, an amulet is the perfect present for someone who is going through a difficult period. They will know that you are looking out for them every day even if they don't believe in curses.


Daisies blossom all year long and offer bees a crucial source of food in addition to their attractive appearance. They represent warmth and companionship, making them ideal for that buddy who never fails to cheer you up when you're upset.

Opals are said to offer clarity and vitality by amplifying and processing your thoughts. Additionally, they have the benefit of changing colour according on the light, which makes them adaptable.

Customers love this daisy and opal ring and the accompanying daisy pearl set  because they look great together. We adore them because they resemble the brightness and delight one has when meeting a dear friend. Additionally, the happy person can combine the ring with others from our line or their own collection.

No matter what items you select, one of our many collections will probably contain something that your friends or loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. After all, you understand them best.


Look at our Christmas buying guide, which includes our thoughtful gift suggestions, if you need additional ideas. Enjoy your shopping!