PET bottles should be familiar to us, and Pet Preform Manufacturers are hoping that their products have good sales, so what are the factors that affect the sales of PET bottles?

The first is the technology of production, and the well-designed content appears as faithfully as possible, which is conducive to a good bottle sales market. There are also shape design, visual aesthetic factors are the most important factors affecting the sales volume of food packaging. The choice of fonts, color design, and selection of fine art patterns in the appearance of bottle packaging are all related to the effects of aesthetic factors, thus affecting the desire of consumers to purchase. , determines the situation of plastic bottle packaging sales.

Packaging design and production process factors affect the market for Pet Preform Mould sales. The design of plastic packaging bottles can better protect goods, convey information on plastic bottle packaging patterns, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, promote sales of packaging products, and improve The added value of the bottle product.