it is a versatile, expanded 4x8 pvc foam sheet used for POP, signage, and non-load-bearing wood replacement for interior and exterior applications. With it, you can utilize one material for both screen and digital printing. * Unlike some other leading brands - Celtec is lead and heavy metal free. * Superior UV package for extended outdoor life (white) * Good screw and staple retention * Optimal density for stiffness and durability. * Satin finish with the smallest and most consistent cell structure makes it ideal to paint or laminate to secondary substrates. * Very fine microcellular structure - makes edge finishing easier * No voids in thickness - ideal for situations requiring routing * All material produced in the US - only US produced 25mm and 30mm extruded free foam * Lightweight and easy to handle * Sheets are oversized by a minimum of _" in length and width for improved yields * Meets UL94 5V, UL 1975 and has a flame spread of 20 according to ASTM E84. * Closed cell structure and has extremely low water absorption values. * Great insulating characteristics. * USDA compliant for incidental food contact