Why Stickers? The Versatility, Designs and Bright Colors are Perfect for Any and All Collectors!
Stick around, cause here you'll find plenty of self-adhesive stickers and labels! From stickers scenes to teacher stickers, there's a sticker for every holiday, special occasion and fun situation. Hand them out to kids as a behavior incentive reward or stick them to greeting cards for a bit of excitement. Don't get stuck in a high price situation, you'll find the lowest price on all our stickers right here!

Everyone, especially kids, love stickers! And who wouldn't? They're colorful, fun to stick and absolutely collectable. Not only do they make perfect rewards for kids, but also are suitable for giveaways, prizes, gifts, crafts and much, much more. Teachers can stick them to A+ papers for a job well done or use them to label students' belongings. They also make awesome stocking stuffers and party favors for any special occasion! Looking for a fun craft to keep kids quiet and busy? Sticker scenes bring creativity and enjoyment together for the ideal craft for kids. No matter what you choose to do with them, there's always a situation to stick stickers in!

Need Crafts for Kids to Keep Them Quiet and Busy? Teachers and Parents Alike Love to Use Stickers as A Fun DIY Project for Kids!
Looking for ideas to keep kids busy? Incorporate stickers into art class or craft time to keep kids engaged! They're perfect for VBS, Sunday school, the classroom, at home or any occasion. Have kids draw a picture with colored pencils or crayons and have them add stickers into their artwork. Or, you can have them use sticker scenes as a silly and colorful kids craft! Hand them out to each child and have them use the included stickers to create their own special picture. Encourage the children to dream up a story to go along with their sticker scene to present to their peers. Sort through holiday scenes, religious scenes and so much more to add to their craft supplies! If you're looking for sheets and rolls, you'll find those, too! Add them to your classroom supplies or keep them on hand for DIY crafts.