In the past 1980, a reputed American company Microsoft developed a software program for the translation of English language documents into local detected languages (target language). During this period, it is very expensive to purchase a computer or software for academic translation services because most of the companies can’t hire translators. So translation volume was on a low scale. Day by day market expanded more and more conditions reversed. Their working procedure, terminology, time all are changed. To increase the level of translation companies creates an idea by including technology with translation and this is proved very effective. Academic translation services play a unique role in the lives of people around the world especially in colleges, universities and many more places. In academic translation, translate, formation and editing your research in the academic form are included.

In general terms, Translation is a communication of the meaning of a source-language text by the meaning of the equivalent target language. The translation work is performed by language experts that are known as translators The technological development is usually in the area of information technology As you know in today’s era of latest technologies changed the translation and their writing procedure. Due to this, Research article by non-native English speakers and a lack of sphere time to the researcher’s schedule so they turn toward to take Academic translation help.

Machine translation: Machine translation, it is performed by specifically tools or another translate like Google translate and many more tools. In some cases, the sentence arrangement of these tools is wrong and meaning is correct. So in this situation, the sentence is not perfect for accurate translation that you want. Machine type of translation frequently presents several errors. Simply, it can affect a reader’s understanding. What does he/she want and what do they deliver.

There are four arguably mistakes areas Illogical order of phrases

  1. Sentence fragments
  2. Literal instead of context-dependent translation
  3. Long sentences

The effect of the technology in academic translation:

As we described before the integration of technology with translation service create the well standard academic platform among translators and students. It is clear that due to new technology in translation which as a result influence the skills expected on them. So good translators always updated to their required skills in academic translation or other kinds of translation.

Translation management system: In a general word, the Translation Management System is a type of software for automating many parts of the human language translation process and maximizing the translator’s efficiency.

Technology includes in Translation management system:

The translation management system includes two types of technology in better academic translation

  • Process management technology to flow of the work
  • Linguist technology to aid the translator

Today’s technology-based academic translation benefits:

Today’s technology-based translation fulfills all the needs of the academic students because it includes theoretical as well as practical concepts for better understanding without any errors. Here, some benefits are given below

  1. Accuracy
  2. Pricing
  3. Fast Speed
  4. Context for words
  5. The new type of translation job
  6. Low redundancy


The study has shown that translators always used a user-friendly tool for translation that is more understandable by the students. In past translators has no tool for translating work they used pen, paper or typewriter for delivering translation work. Today’s, we live in a digital age and nothing can be the same as it did in the past. Presently translation work and their procedure, time all are changed. In today’s era students trust only on the certified translation services with their work. Students engage their work with that translation services that complete his/her need with practical and theoretical concepts of their translation work with plagiarism-free.