The commonly used self-adhesive label of the bar code machine is composed of three parts: backing paper, face paper, and the adhesive as the two. The surface of the backing paper is oily and has an isolation effect on the adhesive, so it is used as an attachment of the top paper so that the top paper can be easily peeled off from the backing paper.

Backing paper is divided into ordinary backing paper and GLASSINE backing paper. The texture of ordinary backing paper is rough, the thickness is large, and the color is yellow, white, etc. The self-adhesive backing paper commonly used in the general printing industry is economical yellow backing paper; GLASSINE backing paper is dense and uniform. Good internal strength and light transmittance, it is a common material for making barcodes. It is commonly used in white and blue.

Glossy paper is the carrier of label printing content. It is divided into coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC and other categories according to material. Adhesive is coated on the back of the face paper, which ensures that the backing paper and the face paper adhere to each other on the one hand, and on the other hand, ensures that the face paper has a strong adhesiveness after being peeled off.

PET premium shrink sleeve labels
PET is the English abbreviation of polyester film, in fact it is a polymer material. PET has good hardness and brittleness, and common colors include silver, white, and bright white. Due to its excellent dielectric properties, PET has good anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistance and other properties, it is widely used in many special occasions. Such as electronic parts, mobile phone batteries, electrical products, automotive parts, chemicals, outdoor advertising, textile printing and other fields.