If the solar garden light manufacturer has been installed and used for a period of time, check the response of the indicator light of the controller first. If neither indicator light is on, the controller may be damaged and the system may be impacted by a strong current. , Such as direct lightning strikes or short circuits.
1.The light source is damaged
Due to natural or man-made reasons, the light source is damaged, which causes the solar street light system to be inoperable, not bright when it is on, and flickering.
Solution: Repair the light source or replace the light source.

2.The solar panel is damaged
Connect the multimeter to test its voltage when there is no load on the solar panel. The general system working voltage is 12v, which will be higher than 12v under normal conditions. Only when the voltage is higher than 12V can the battery be charged. If it is lower than 12V, it cannot be charged. Charge the battery. Solar street light system is not working or working time is not enough.
Solution: Replace the solar panel.

3.The positive and negative poles of the solar panel are reversed.
The solar garden light system will only light up once installed. When the battery power is used up, the solar garden light will never light up again.
Solution: swap the positive and negative poles of the solar panel.

The above is the reason and treatment method of the solar garden lamp not lighting. In order to ensure the normal work of the solar garden lamp, regular maintenance inspection is essential. Of course, once a fault occurs, it will be resolved as long as it is resolved according to the method.