The most common type of low-pressure lamp is 12V and 24V. Some low-pressure lamps have plastic protective covers, while others do not. The protective covers are not designed to prevent electric shock (low voltage is relatively safe), but the use requirements are slightly different. For example, upper-pressure lamps are easy to fall and accumulate dust. It is more recommended to use protective covers for easy cleaning.The low voltage light manufacturer(NBLOYAL) will introduce you.

Low-pressure lamps are mostly 5m in length due to their thin substrate and weak overcurrent capability. If the lamp required for the scene is very long, then multiple wiring points and multiple drivers are required. In addition, there are 20m lamps with thicker base plates to increase the current bearing capacity.

When the low-pressure lamp needs to be cut, watch the cut-out mark on the surface. There is a scissor mark on the low-pressure lamp every other small segment, which means that this place can be cut.

As the low-voltage soft lamp is very convenient to use, after the protective paper with adhesive is torn off, it can be pasted in relatively narrow places, such as bookcases, exhibition cabinets, clothing kitchens, etc., and its shape can be changed, turning, arc, etc.

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