Today XingChang Fan will talk about the types and maintenance methods of surface coolers:

I. Product Types

There are two types of surface coolers: one is the fan coil heat exchanger, whose performance determines the fan coil's ability to deliver cold (heat) and its influence on air volume. This equipment is commonly found in air conditioners. The second is the air-cooled fin condenser in the air conditioning unit.

The main functions of the surface cooler include: using refrigerant to absorb heat in the surface cooler to gradually reduce the temperature of the cooled space. The surface cooler cools the air flowing through the heat exchange fins outside the tube through the chilled water (refrigerant water) in the air conditioner, and the fan sends the cooled cold air to the place of use for cooling.

Second, the surface cooler maintenance method:

1. The surface cooler is usually installed directly in the air conditioner. Its service status and service quality affect the indoor air quality and noise level. So good air filter, water must be plate, coil, fan and other major parts of the daily maintenance services, to ensure that the normal fan coil does not affect.

2. Maintenance of surface cooler coil: The coil is responsible for the heat dissipation of cold boiled water and the air of cold fan coil. High efficiency heat ensures that the necessary smooth surface coils are kept as far as possible. However, the fan coils are generally equipped with coarse-effect filters with large holes. When they are put into use, dust filter coil tubes and fin surfaces will inevitably adhere.

Maintenance method and protection method of air filter with coil cleaned, the cleaning cycle is long, usually once a year. If the air conditioner is used seasonally, the cleanliness of the air conditioner after the end of the season.

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